Okay now just … good, good. Got it. Okay, great, and Ben, for this next one could you look at Martin? … And Martin turn a bit, but still looking at me? Yes, right there … beautiful. Nice work. Now Martin, for this one could you stay there, but maybe … sink down a bit? Just, maybe on your knees, or crouching, if that’s easier? Okay, good, and go ahead and face Ben now, too. Yep, all the way to the floor. And, Ben, still looking down at Martin? Good … perfect. —the photographer for Sherlock's publicity shots, probably


when you read some old moftiss interview about Sherlock with TJLC in mind everything makes so much more sense it’s like finally seeing the light


there’s a movie in which a woman falls in love with a bee
a fUcKiNG bEE

but no johnlock is a gross delusion created by stupid fangirls and it should never see daylight


no but seriously why would mrs. Hudson make all those johnlocky comments..? Sherlock brought John to the flat and she was like ‘oh, finally you’ve found a man’

why would she assume he’s found a boyfriend if we’re meant to see him as straight?


Basically “Sherlock Series Three” or “Well, Here is How Sherlock Holmes Most Definitely Would Not Look While Enthusiastically Kissing Someone While Fully Being Himself” but that title was too long so they just went with series three. I wonder why you’d let your hero fake-kiss a bunch of people for the entire season….it would make sooo much sense if you then showed him, in contrast, actively and enthusiastically kissing someone…maybe none of the previous three people but someone he is constantly romantically framed with and also outspokenly loves….these are just some idle thoughts….it would make sense…



i guess the main reason i hate seeing people shit on tjlc (the belief itself, rather than people who use it as a justification for being hateful) is that i’ve seen it do so much good

i’ve seen it make very sad people happy, very apathetic people hopeful and enthusiastic, people struggling with their queerness feel more at home, people with tough home lives find a means of escapism, people who don’t have the means of obtaining a formal education about the media industry a way to get one, lonely people make friends

i understand disagreeing with something but when people attack the people who buy into it and are just trying to enjoy themselves with it without attacking anyone else it makes me so sad because this subset of fandom has done so much for so many


Whenever I think about the New Year’s eve scene post the Battersea Station I always see it from John’s perspective when asking “how are we feeling about that” - on one level he’s referring to whether Sherlock has feelings for Irene, but also whether Sherlock has thoughts on overhearing him putting his feelings out in the open by remaining silent after Irene says “Look at us both” - but I’ve been totally remiss in thinking about it from Sherlock’s perspective. Sherlock would have focussed on a different part of the conversation, the part where John says “I’m not actually gay” and “We’re not a couple”. Sherlock either thinks John wants to talk about Irene and/or that John wants to make his rejection from earlier clear so he stops him before he can continue, meanwhile John interprets Sherlock shutting the convo down and playing the violin as a rejection of his (much more self aware) feelings and oh my god when will the misunderstandings endddd


Oh my GOD. 

I’m currently sitting in the Starbucks in my supermarket waiting for a ride home. I live in fairly small, conservative, Southern community (by conservative, I mean the one that Jerry Falwell used to preside over). 

I’ve got my laptop open, and a large 221B sticker on the lid.

Just a minute ago, an older gentleman (probably mid-60’s) in a plaid shirt and a trucker hat went to walk past me, noticed the sticker, and said, 

"You like that Sherlock Holmes, huh?"

"Yes, sir, been a fan since I was little."

"You seen that English show they got out, now?"

"Yes, it’s my favorite!"

"Yep, I like it too. I jes hope I don’t hafta sit through a whole nother season with them fellers makin’ googly eyes at each other and not doin’ anything about it.”

I’m still laughing my ass off. Beautiful. 


What do you mean this is not how this show is called?


Imagine Sherlock with a gun to the head of the goon who hurt John, after beating him to within an inch of his life. Mycroft and Lestrade are trying to calm him down but he’s hysterical, thinking John dead. There are tears streaming down his face and the goon is begging for his life. Just then, John comes round and whispers

"Sherlock, no." 

Sherlock drops to his knees, and Lestrade runs up and takes the gun from his hand. Mycroft helps John up and over to Sherlock, where he drops to his knees and wraps his arms around him. Sherlock clings to John, crying with relief. While John comforts him and says

"I know. Me too."


i remember when i watched tsot the first time, and i wasn’t sad or anything, far from it, after sherlock made his last vow and said to mary she was pregnant and said his bit about being a baby, i wasn’t sad, not really because nothing in the scene was made to make me feel sad: sherlock wasn’t actually showing signs of sadness, everyone was laughing and smiling

and the thing is, the writers could have stopped the episode right here (hell i thought it was the end of it when i first watched it live), it would have been the most perfect moment to stop the episode if they wanted to make a show about a wonderful ~platonic friendship~

but no! instead we got sherlock’s smile fading and then those atrocious long minutes where he was feeling alone and excluded, being hurt by the most horrible ‘no homo’ joke on the show… a joke his best friend told to his face

and every time i watch tsot again, i almost expect the episode to end on mary, john, sherlock laughing because i’m so used to heteronormative tv shows, to platonic reading that every single time i’m surprised by how much sherlock is suffering, how scared john looks when he realises for one second that sherlock might be in love with him

like… this second when sherlock’s smile starts disappearing is everything: it’s there, this moment right here, that changed everything

uughh misunderstandings


As I’m semi obsessed with John and Sherlock constantly misunderstanding each other (which keeps them apart in a great classic romantic obstacle way), I’ve been making a list of all the miscommunications between the boys, which has amounted to this:

  • The first dinner at Angelo’s - they don’t technically misunderstand each other at the time, but this conversation is really the beginning of misunderstanding each other. John leaves this conversation with the understanding that Sherlock is not interested in anything, and Sherlock leaves it assuming he read John’s interest in him incorrectly
  • John corrects Friend to Colleague with Sebastian because he wants to be taken seriously in the context of The Work, which Sherlock interprets as him not considering them friends
  • Sherlock acting distant about the bomb victims further supports John’s understanding of Sherlock as a sociopath, when this is really just a coping mechanism for Sherlock
  • Moriarty threatening to burn the heart out of Sherlock - John does not get this very likely is referring to him
  • Sherlock making fun of John’s porn on his laptop, and later, poems to his girlfriends are him acting out in jealousy - John interprets this as Sherlock just being an annoying dick to him
  • John thinks Sherlock is attracted to Irene and that all of his strange behaviour in ASIB is related to her - Sherlock actually only fuddles his words once Irene starts to flirt with John and John smiles back, he also provides Irene with the airplane seating deduction while staring directly at John (and also indicates he doesn’t want her praise, but mentions John’s praise with apparent derision ~ why mention John’s praise if he wanted Irene’s?)
  • Related to this, John interprets Sherlock not “having the last word” with Irene to mean she’s special to him, when really it’s that Irene can’t get him to have a conversation with her, while we’re shown in this same episode Sherlock’s conversations with John never end even when he’s not present
  • John thinks Sherlock overheard him at the Battersea Station, and him not responding to John’s “how are we feeling about that” question is a second rejection of John’s possible interest (first being dinner at Angelo’s), meanwhile Sherlock thinks John is either asking him about Irene or about to restate his “I’m not actually gay” stance from earlier
  • John also likely thinks Sherlock keeping Irene’s phone means he was interested in her 
  • Sherlock acts crazy at the start of and throughout Hounds, mostly because he’s terrified of his emotions overpowering his reason - this includes what he’s feeling for John - John again interprets this to be Sherlock being an annoying dick who puts The Work above all else and loses it when he doesn’t have it
  • in TRF, Sherlock does not understand why John would be upset about Sherlock’s reputation and the public disliking him
  • After TRF, John does not know Sherlock jumped to protect him or about what Sherlock endured during their separation, John just thinks Sherlock didn’t trust him - they do resolve this aspect with the apology, but John still doesn’t know about the protection aspect
  • Sherlock did not know he was John’s best friend (this gets cleared up)
  • Sherlock probably thinks he is not as special as he actually is to John in general, especially after seeing John with Sholto 
  • John may believe that Sherlock slept with Janine
  • John “doesn’t understand” that Sherlock shooting Magnussen was for him, and very likely doesn’t really understand what Sherlock means on the tarmac

basically they gonna need to talk out a lot when they get together 

Eight ways in which a heterosexual person might have ended this awkward conversation



No, boys.  Thank you.

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